Chaos Fighters Wiki

In Chaos Fighters, the player's attributes, or stats, are one of the main factors that determine whether they win or lose in a battle.

There are two types of stats:

  • Active Stats (also known as Direct Stats)
  • Conversion Stats (also known as Indirect Stats)

Active Stats, or Direct Stats, are stats that actively determine what happens in a battle.

Conversion Stats, or Indirect Stats, are stats that are converted into active stats; their conversions are determined by the player's equipped fighter.

Active Stats[]

Active stats are stats that directly influence the battle.

They are:

  • ATK
  • SPD
  • HP
  • SP
  • HIT
  • EVA
  • BRK
  • DEF
  • CRT
  • RES

These are the effects of each of these stats:

Attack (ATK)[]

  • Attack determines the amount of damage done with each attack. Certain skills do damage based off the player's attack stat also.
  • The ATK's value directly translates into damage.

Speed (SPD)[]

  • Speed affects duration between each of your attacks.
  • If x represents your speed:

1000/x = duration between each of your attacks (in seconds).

Health Points (HP)[]

  • Health determines the amount of health points the player has before the player is defeated.

Spirit Points (SP)[]

  • Spirit determines the amount of spirit points the player has to use for skills.

Hit (HIT)[]

  • Hit increases the chance the opponent will not dodge the player's attacks.
  • 1 HIT reduces 1 EVA from the opponent.
  • 1 HIT gives 0.02% chance to trigger active skills.

Evasion (EVA)[]

  • Evasion boosts the chance to dodge moves.
  • 1 EVA gives 0.06% chance to dodge attack

Break (BRK)[]

  • Break removes the opponent's defense from damage calculation.
  • 1 BRK reduces 1 DEF from the opponent.
  • 1 BRK greater than the opponent's DEF gives you an additional 0.2% attack.

Defense (DEF)[]

  • Defense reduces the amount of damage taken from attacks.
  • 1 DEF decreases 0.06% damage.

Critical (CRT)[]

  • Critical increases the chance of critical hits to occur.
  • 1 CRT increases 0.06% chance to make a critical attack.
  • 1 CRT increases a critical attack's damage by 0.2% damage.

Resilience (RES)[]

  • Resilience decreases the chance of being hit with critical hits.
  • 1 RES reduces 1 CRT from the opponent.
  • 1 RES increases 0.06% probability to parry.
  • When a fighter parries, they take 50% of the normal damage.

Conversion Stats[]

Conversion stats are stats that indirectly influence battle by increasing certain active stats based off of the player's fighter.

They are:

  • STR
  • DEX
  • STA

These are the effects of each of these stats:

Strength (STR)[]

  • STR translates into a certain amount of ATK%.
  • If X represents the player's fighter's STR attribute conversion: STR / X = Added ATK%.

Dexterity (DEX)[]

  • DEX translates into a certain amount of SPD and EVA.
  • If X represents the player's fighter's DEX attribute conversion: DEX / X = Added SPD and EVA.

Stamina (STA)[]

  • STA translates into a certain amount of HP% and SP.
  • If X represents the player's fighter's STA attribute conversion: STA / X = Added HP% and SP.

Damage Calculations[]

Assuming the above information is correct (which is not certain), damage can be calculated through the following formulas:

If A represents the attacker, and B represents the defender:

When A's BRK is lower than B's DEF:

Damage = A's ATK * (1.00 - ((B's DEF - A's BRK) * 0.0006))

When A's BRK is higher than B's DEF:

Damage = A's ATK * (1.00 + ((A's BRK - B's DEF) * 0.002))