Chaos Fighters Wiki

What does reputation do?[]

  1. Players will obtain 1 reputation coin every time when their reputation is increased by 1, reputation coins can be exchanged for various advanced item in the Secret shop.
  2. Reputation determines a character's ranking on the server!
  3. Guild members will bring their guild 1 EXP for every reputation point they gain.

How to obtain reputation[]

  1. You can gain reputation at the Meditation Rock, you can get even more rep by interupt people meditating. 
  2. Every users has 15 chances to challenge other players in the arena everyday, you can get up to 20 reputation points per victory and 5 reputation after a loss.
  3. You can gain your reputation points back by taking revenge on a player that has defeated you in the arena.
  4. after you capture a slave you can comfort them for 20 reputation a day.
  5. you can also gain 10 reputation from freeing a friend that is imprisoned by another user
  6. When summoning the sky blessing at the Meditation Rock you will recieve 1,000 rep immediatelyand give bonus rep to everyone meditating at the same time.
  7. Everyday you can go into the guild events and do the drumroll to gain rep once a day.
  8. Once a day the guild can summon the Fairy Fountain to gain reputation.
  9. you also gain a lot of rep by participating in the world martial arts competition every week