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Pets make up a very important part of Chaos Fighters, as they can give your Fighter different buffs as well as perform their own skills. They can be upgraded similarly to Fighters (through Fusion at the Forge). Different pets have different unique skills available to them, other than this, the bonuses they provide are based on what you train them to do.

Pets work through a system of skills that mainly give stat boosts, but also some also have active abilities. Your pet will start with 3 skill slots; each can be filled with a skill by training the pet. The pet requires ENG in order to be trained. The higher level the pet is, the more ENG it requires. Every time you feed the pet using a pet bowl, it will gain ENG. You can also gain more pet bowls, and upgrade the pet bowls once you've filled the entire page.

If you train your pet when it does not have any empty skill slots, one of its current skills will be replaced by a new one. You can control which skills do not get overwritten by locking them with Pet Skill Locks. However, each time you train your pet, the lock skills will revert to being unlocked. Furthermore, each time you lock a skill, the next one will require one more lock than the previous one. For example, if you wanted to lock four skills, then you would need 10 Pet Skill Locks (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10).

You can learn more about Pet Skill Locks here:

Obtaining a Pet[]

There are multiple ways to get pets

1) You have a chance to obtain them by defeating elite monsters and bosses on any adventure stage starting from the 3rd adventure stage.

2) You can purchase pet eggs in the Store (located at the upper-right of the main screen) at the Box or VIP tabs to get a random pet of varying quality.

3) Pet eggs and pet boxes, boxes that contain ten pet eggs, can be obtained at discounted prices from winning the rock-paper-scissors game in the Cemetery adventure.

4) Occasionally, pet boxes can be purchased for 1,480,000 gold during certain events.

Pet Skills[]

Pets have a wide variety of passive skills that increase your stats as well as active skills. Each type of pet has a unique passive skill and a unique active skill.

General Pet Skills[]

These skills can be learned by any pet, and they can be obtained at any time when you train your pet.

General Pet Skills
Name Effect
Attack Strikes target for 50% of your Attack (20% trigger rate--Active Skill)
Defense Blocks an enemy's attack for you (10% trigger rate--Active Skil)
Gale +5 Speed
Improved Gale +10 Speed
Rudeness +10 Max Attack
Improved Rudeness +20 Max Attack
Accuracy +50 Hit
Improved Accuracy +100 Hit
Wisdom +10 SP
Improved Wisdom +20 SP
Ferocity +5% Attack
Improved Ferocity +10% Attack
Firmness +30 Defense
Improved Firmness +60 Defense
Devotion +30 HP
Improved Devotion +60 HP
Armor Break +50 Break
Improved Armor Break +100 Break
Dexterity +25 Evasion
Improved Dexterity +50 Evasion
Toughness +50 Resilience
Improved Toughness +100 Resilience
Fury +50 Critical
Improved Fury +100 Critical
Vitality +5% HP
Improved Vitality +10% HP

Unique Pet Passive Skills[]

These skills are unique to each corresponding pet. They give large stat boosts relative to the general pet skills. They can only be obtained once per pet, and there is a chance your pet will learn its passive skill every time it is trained, assuming that it has not already learned it.

Unique Pet Passive Skills
Pet Name Name Effect
Gale Fox Illusion +50 Evasion
Psychic Dog Collision +150 Break
Rice Ball Hot Blood +60 HP
Slime Solidity +150 Resilience
Polar Penguin Ice Wall +60 Defense
Vampire Bat Cruelty +150 Critical
Toad King Quicken +10 Speed
Ghost Tiger Shadow +50 Evasion
Coco Precision Strike +150 Hit
Unicorn Accuracy +150 Hit
Black Dragon Collide +150 Break
Slepnir Dash +150 Break
Rekachu Raiton +50 Evasion
Fenrir Accuracy +150 Crit

Unique Pet Active Skills[]

These skills are unique to each corresponding pet. Each skill deals damage to the opponent and also activates a special effect to either the user or the target. The chance of any of the skills being triggered during battle is 10% every turn. They can only be obtained once per pet, and there is a chance your pet will learn its active skill every time it is trained, assuming that it has not already learned it. The amount of damage dealt to the opponent is 50% of the player's ATK.

Unique Pet Active Skills
Pet Name Name Effect (10% Trigger Rate)
Gale Fox Heavy Blow Stuns the opponent
Psychic Dog Dark Seal Silences the opponent
Rice Ball Healing Rush Heals player 10% of their max HP
Slime Poison Strike Poisons the opponent
Polar Penguin Frozen Strike Freezes the opponents
Vampire Bat Drain Restores the player's HP 50% of the damage dealt
Toad King Withering Blow Weakens the opponent
Ghost Tiger Disperse Removes a random debuff from the player
Coco Wind Reduces the opponent's speed by 50%
Unicorn Armor Applies Shield Wall to the player
Black Dragon Barbarian Applies Barbarian and debuffs will have lasting times reduced by 25%
Slepnir Freezing Freezes the opponent
Rekachu Lightning Seal Silences the opponent
Fenrir Stun Stuns the opponent

Evolved Pets[]

Once you have upgraded you pet to level +27, you will have the ability to evolve your pet. This will be done so once the pet can consume 100,000 ENG. Once your pet evolves, its look will change, its name will change, its level will revert to +0, and your pet house will obtain a new tab. Your evolved pet can obtain new skills through the same method as before. However, you will only start out with one skill slot, and the first skill requires 13 Pet Skill Locks to lock and the amount of locks required to lock the following skills increments. You will obtain another skill slot at levels +6, +12, +15, +18, and +21.

Evolved Pet Skills[]

Evolved pets learn different passive skills than normal pets. As mentioned before, these skills will require 13 Pet Skill Locks in order to lock the first skill, and the amount increments by one for every other skill you wish to lock.

Evolved Pet Passive Skills[]

These passive skills can be learned at any level.

Evolved Pet Block Skills

These block skills can be learned at level +15. They have a 40% chance to trigger whenever your pet uses Pet Block.

Evolved Pet Block Skills
Name Effect (40% trigger rate)
Wine Douses the opponent in alcohol
Shield Wall Grants the player with a Shield Wall
Meditation The player restores 15% of max SP
Cleanse Removes single debuff on the player
Healing Recovers 7% of max HP and remove Poison from the player
Energy Shield Grants the player with an Energy Shield

Evolved Pet Attack Skills[]

These attack skills can be learned at level +21. They have a 7% chance to trigger. Each skill deals 50% of the players ATK to the opponent along with a special effect.

Evolved Pet Attack Skills
Name Effect (7% trigger rate)
Infect Inflicts Bacteria on the opponent
Energy Reduces the opponent's SP by 15% of player's max SP
Thunder Inflicts Thunder on the opponent, and removes Thunder from player
Force Inflicts the opponent with 180% of the player's ATK
Fire Ignites the opponent
Barbarian Grants the player Barbarism