Chaos Fighters Wiki

How to Obtain Gold.[]

  1. Midas Touch: Converts Diamonds into gold. There is a limited number of conversion times you have everyday.
  2. Sweep: Defeat monsters in the adventure levels to earn gold. The higher level of the monster, the more gold is rewarded.
  3. Team Instances: Defeat monsters in the team instance to earn more gold.
  4. Smack Prisoners: Exploit prisoners and earn gold, players are only allowed to smack prisoners a limited amount of times a day.
  5. Meditation Rock: Meditate on the Meditation Rock to earn reputation and gold, the better your mount the more gold the player gains. You can also gain extra gold by interrupting other players; opponents with better mounts and levels the better the reward becomes.
  6. Login Bonus: Log into the game everyday through the "Login Bonus" feature to get gold.
  7. Treasure Mountain: The more gold you find when you dig, the more gold you receive.
  8. Golden Egg: Guild Event that lets you crack eggs to earn large amounts of gold and also have a chance to get diamonds and energy.
  9. Guild Wars: Guild Event between guilds. The higher your guild places, the more gold you receive.
  10. Selling Items: Selling is one way to make money albeit very slowly.

Special Tips for Obtaining Gold[]

While all the above methods are ways one may obtain gold, there are specific things you can do to help get even more gold.

  1. Midas Touch and VIP: By obtaining higher VIP levels, you will begin to increase the amount of conversion times you have everyday.
  2. Sweeping VS Team Instances: Sweeping adventure levels requires less energy, but team instances give you more gold. Since you have limited amounts of energy, it is recommended that you take part in team instances during the daily "half-energy" events, in which team instances require the same amount of energy that adventure levels do. By doing so, you will obtain the most amount of gold for the least amount of energy.
  3. Smack Prisoners: You can capture prisoners at least three times a day, so be sure that you use them all. If you do not want to come back later in the day to capture prisoners, then you can capture a prisoner, smack him or her, release them, then capture another prisoner. This will allow you to smack multiple prisoners in a short period of time.
  4. Login Bonus' Day 7: Once you get the daily login bonus to Day 7, it will remain there, allowing you to obtain the best prize everyday. However, if you miss a day, it will revert back to Day 1. In order to obtain large amounts of gold, be sure to login everyday, even if you don't do anything else in the game.
  5. Treasure Mountain's Change Luck: Getting all of your fighters to mine gold pieces at once gives a huge amount of gold. It is suggested that if you cannot get complete gold pieces, you should wait until the next day instead of taking the gold on the spot.