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Mercenaries is a system based on friends, Players can hire their friends to help them fight and have there back when they die fighting in the adventure levels.

How to obtain a mercenary?[]

  1. The player can hire his or her first mercenary at level 20, and the second mercenary will be unlocked at level 35.
  2. The mercenary must be in on the player's friends list.
  3. The mercenaries level cannot be higher or lower than the player's by 5.
  4. The mercenary can only fight in adventure levels (Not in the arena or team instances).
  5. When the mercenary is too advanced or weak for the player, they will be automatically fired.

What's the profit of becoming a mercenary?[]

Currently, the player will not gain anything it is just a show of friendship!

System Mercenaries[]

System mercenaries are special mercenaries that the player can hire for gold. Each time the player attempts an adventure level with one or more mercenaries equipped, the player is charged for each mercenary used. The power and cost of each mercenary increases every 10 levels (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc.).

System mercenaries are usually much more powerful than normal players, and are usually used by beginner and intermediate players in order to make it through the majority of the adventure. However, the final adventure worlds usually require players to recruit powerful player mercenaries as opposed to system mercenaries.