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Items are any of the things that would go into your backpack, so this covers a very wide range of things. These can include any types of consumables, Pets, Fighters, equipment and gift packages. A large majority of these items can be purchases by using gold, diamonds, and reputation coins. However, certain types of armor and other items can only be obtained through adventure levels.


The shop can be found near the center-left of the game main screen. Here the player can purchase various pieces of equipment around his or her level range. There are 15 pieces of equipment displayed (including weapons). What gets displayed is random. There's an option to refresh what is offered, allowing 15 new pieces of equipment to be available for sale; however, once it has been used, it takes an hour before the player can use its ability again. Also, the player can use diamonds to refresh it.

The shop is somewhat useful for obtaining certain types of equipment at the player's level; however, the shop does not sell orange-ranked armor. It is recommended that the player sweeps or participates in team instances in order to obtain orange armor.

When you tap on a piece of equipment, its attributes can be viewed on the right side of the screen.

Deez Nutz


The store can be entered through a small icon on the top, left side of the screen.

The store contains three tabs:

  • Item
  • Box
  • VIP

Each one contains items that can be purchased with either gold or diamonds. It is highly recommended that the player does not purchase items from the store since nearly all the items contained in the store may be purchased for a reduced price during an event.


The item tab contains a bunch of rare items that can be purchased individually. Many of these items can be purchased at the Secret Shop using vouchers. The player should keep that in mind when deciding to purchase one of the items.

Store: Item Tab
Item Price
Sapphire 100,000 gold
Topaz 100,000 gold
Ruby 100,000 gold
Training Amulet (Basic) 20 diamonds
Training Amulet (Senior) 50 diamonds
Drill (Basic) 200 diamonds
Drill (Junior) 200 diamonds
Drill (Senior) 200 diamonds
Engraving Crystal 50 diamonds
Pet Skill Lock 30 diamonds
Super Drill 300 diamonds


The box tab contains a bunch of rare items that can be purchased in groups. Everything in the box tab is either available for discount during events or is relatively useless. The player should not purchase items here.

Store: Box Tab
Item Contents Price
Sapphire Bag 10 Sapphires 950,000 gold
Topaz Bag 10 Topaz 950,000 gold
Ruby Bag 10 Rubies 950,000 gold
Pet Egg 1 Pet (random) 200,000 gold
Bronze Fighter Box 1 Basic Fighter (random) 20,000 gold
Silver Fighter Box 1 Junior Fighter (random) 50,000 gold
Engraving Crystal Bag I 20 Engraving Crystals 988 diamonds
Engraving Crystal Bag II 60 Engraving Crystals 2,988 diamonds
Pet Skill Lock Bag I 20 Pet Skill Locks 598 diamonds
Pet Skill Lock Bag II 100 Pet Skill Locks 2988 diamonds


The VIP tab contains six random Senior Fighters for purchase. Each one costs 100 diamonds. Furthermore, each item has a limited amount that can be purchased until the store refreshes. The store refreshes every hour.

Besides the Senior Fighters, these items are available:

Store: Box Tab
Item Price Function Amount Avaliable
Prismatic Drill 500 diamonds Creates a socket for fusion gem 2
Mystical Pet Container 200 diamonds Contains a random pet at a random level from +3 to +12 20
Rename Eraser 1000 diamonds Changes the player's username to whatever he or she desires 1

Secret Shop[]

The Secret Shop is usually less used, but it still serves many useful functions. You can purchase super powerful elite weapons and armor through Reputation gained in the Arena (PvP). There are also consumables that the Store sells that are available here for Vouchers. Lastly, redemption codes found outside of the game are redeemed at the Secret Shop.