Chaos Fighters Wiki

How to Increase Attack.[]

Attack: falls into max attack and min attack; the actual attack is randomly selected from the range it affects the damage that characters inflict to their opponents.

The ways to increase attack are as follows:

  1. Enhance weapons in the forge; the higher the enhancement level, the greater the attack bonus they will give.
  2. Reform equipment in the forge and extract attack related attributes such as max attack, min attack, and attack, which can improve the attack power of your fighter.
  3. Increase the characters strength, strength has a direct impact on the fighters attack strength can be increased by reforging or embedding equipment. Keep in mind that the amount of attack that strength gives depends entirely on your fighter. Check your fighter's "STR per 1% ATK" to find out how much strength is needed.
  4. Pet skills can also improve max attack, min attack, and attack directly.
  5. Refine souls in the soul nexus to obtains souls that will increase your fighters strength and attack. The souls that increase the attack stat are STRSoul (gives strength), MAtkSoul (gives min attack), and FerocitySoul (gives max attack).