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Half Energy is a name referred to a daily event that occurs in Chaos Fighters. While it may seem like a minor attraction, it is actually one of the most vital ones for Chaos Fighters players that wish to improve immensely.

During the event, the amount energy that is required to participate in team instances is reduced from ten to five. This makes it so one may complete team instances with only half the normal energy. This is significant due to the fact that team instances give nearly double the amount of gold and experience that adventure levels do. Because of this, someone spending all their energy on team instances during Half Energy will receive about double the amount of gold and experience that a player sweeping on adventure levels does. Furthermore, team instances have higher drop rates for equipment.


Half Energy events occur twice per day at the following times:

  1. 12:00 - 14:00 PDT time
  2. 20:00 - 22:00 PDT time


  • Each server has certain team instances that a lot of people gather into during Half Energy. Try and find the correct team instance for you!
  • Even if a team instance's level is much lower than your highest adventure world, it will still probably give you much more experience and gold.
  • Every six hours, you can collect 60 extra energy through the shining icon on the left side of the screen. Try and use this at least six hours before Half Energy, but not any later. By doing so, you can use 200 energy during Half Energy, then use another 60 energy by collecting the energy. You cannot hold more than 200 energy, so you must leave the extra energy uncollected until you've made enough room.
  • Try and have 200 energy right when Half Energy begins. Since you gain ten energy per hour, you can calculate how much energy you'll need and how much you can use for other purposes. Try and use the chart below to find the minimum amount of energy you should have.
Minimum Energy Needed for Maximum Energy during Half Energy
Time (PDT Time Zone) Minimum Amount of Energy
0:00 30
1:00 40
2:00 50
3:00 60
4:00 70
5:00 80
6:00 140 (use extra energy)
7:00 150
8:00 160
9:00 170
10:00 180
11:00 190
12:00 200
13:00 10
14:00 20
15:00 30
16:00 40
17:00 50
18:00 60
19:00 70
20:00 140 (use extra energy)
21:00 0
22:00 0
23:00 10
24:00 20