Chaos Fighters Wiki

New to Chaos Fighters or returning after a long break? It is easy to get lost in the myriad of mechanics that's part of the world of Chaos Fighters. Use this guide to get a solid understanding of where to begin.

Adventure Mode[]

The most accessible and earliest way to PvE (player vs. environment), adventuring easily gets you Gold, items and EXP. You also unlock Team Instances (group dungeons) by completing adventure levels. Team Instances are similar to standard adventure stages, but you'll have a chance at obtaining orange-quality equipment, Pets and Fighters.

You'll gain new skills and proficiency (expertise) as you level up which will further refine your strategy.


Skills make up the main aspect of the game. They are earned as you level up. Skill is randomly obtained at every level.

Characters Stats[]

Different amount of STR, DEX and STA increases the stats of each characters differently.

E.g. For Rocky, 22 DEX adds to 1% of SPD and EVA while Elize only needs 16 DEX to increase 1% of her SPD and EVA

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Understanding ATK, SPD, HP, SP, DEF, BRK, EVA, RES, HIT and CRT: check it here: