Chaos Fighters Wiki

How to obtain energy?EditEdit[]

  1. 5 energy will refresh every half hour. (unless you have the max of 200)
  2. Once every 6 hours the player is able to obtain a energy package that contains 60 energy for free. (unless energy is at the maximum of 200)
  3. Everytime a player reaches a new level they will recieve a energy pack containing 30 energy points. (This energy can be added to your max of 200)
  4. Players can use diamonds in the game to purchase 40 energy at a time.
  5. The VIP level of the users determines how many times the user can purchase energy, The higher the VIP level te more chances the user has of purchasing energy everyday.
  6. Whe a users has 200 energy or more their energy will not be restored every half hour.

What needs energy and how much will be consumedEditEdit[]

  1. Adventure levels will consume 5 energy at a time.
  2. Team instances will consume 10 energy points every time.